5 Best Costume Shops in Denver for Halloween

Become a gnarly pirate or a fearsome werewolf when you rent your Halloween costume in these shops.

Halloween is only two months away. That sounds like plenty of time to decide what to dress up as this year. That would be your first mistake … Whether you are looking to DIY part of your costume or you’re looking to rent out the whole thing, two months is just barely enough time to make sure your costume is amazing. Before you know it, all the good costumes are gone and you are going to parties dressed as a “dentist” because your friend lent you their scrubs and white coat.

Thankfully, Denver has a few interesting shops that take Halloween as seriously as every zombie in the Thriller music video. No matter what your choice of costume is for Halloween 2019, here are the five best costume rental shops in Denver that will have everything you need.

The Wizard’s Chest

451 N. Broadway, Denver

The Wizard's Chest

Courtesy of The Wizard’s Chest (Facebook)

This shop is every child’s dream, like a magic shop combined with a toy store. Wedged between antique shops and coffee shops, The Wizard’s Chest is a wondrous treasure trove for magic accessories, books, cheap thrills and practical jokes, and, of course, all kinds of costumes. They also host game nights, magic shows, and Magic The Gathering tournaments.

Reinke Brothers

5633 S Prince St, Littleton

Reinke Brothers

Photo by Sean Hagwell, Courtesy of Reinke Brothers (Facebook)

Every wall, every shelf, of Reinke Brothers is covered top to bottom in costumes, colorful wigs, terrifying masks, and Halloween decorations. Whether you want to be a T-Rex this Halloween, or a ghoulish creature, you can most certainly find what you need at this shop of horrors.


9797 W. Colfax Ave., Lakewood

Courtesy of Disguises (Facebook)

Disguises has the largest inventory of costumes in the Denver area. Open all year round for all of your costume needs, the shop has a variety of costumes for adults, children, and theatrical costumes. It is the go-to place for any costume themes, with high-quality garments, wigs, and special effects make-up.

Norcostco Costume

4395 Broadway, Denver


Courtesy of Norcostco (website)

As the name might suggest, this is the Costco of costume shops. The warehouse size store has everything from holiday themed costumes to special effects technology to ensure your haunted house this year delivers the chills and light trauma, the kind that can be subsided by a lot of candy.

Crimson Rose Masquerade

1456 S. Broadway, Denver

Crimson Rose Masquerade

Courtesy of Crimson Rose Masquerade (Website)

If you have plans for an elaborate Halloween costume party, or simply want to be transported to another period in time, Crimson Rose is the place to visit. Their handcrafted corset and gowns made by local artisans will surely make you a show stopper at any event. Their attention to detail in every garment will make you appreciate the art of dressing up and becoming your character for the night.

Are there any other costume shops in Denver that offer Halloween rentals? What will you be dressing up as this Halloween? Sound off in the comments below. Stay spooky, Denver!

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