All She Wants Is Love! Jessie J’s new single and video

Jessie J has unleashed the video for her new single ‘I Want Love” and it is FIRE! 

Produced by Ryan Tedder, the track is the premiere offering from the songbird’s incoming album – her first since 2018’s ‘R.O.S.E.’

Thematically, the visual has a deeply personal connection to the British belter.

Watch below, where Jessie’s words about the video…

Speaking on the concept of the clip:

“I had an argument with a bf once after a major red carpet. I went to a bar where I didn’t know anyone and I danced alone until sunrise. I took a shot with strangers and I talked to myself in the mirror in the bathroom.

My tough exterior that I so often use as a defense mechanism went away, my heart softened. My fear left the room and I just let go.

That’s what this song this video means and represents to me. A simple moment in time. Where I just let go in the REAL world. It’s where I like to be. I like to face life head and heart on. I don’t live in a fantasy.

I wanted this video to feel like I felt like that night.

I’m so grateful (and honestly intensely emotional) that you can all finally see it and Channel this same energy in your own lives in your own way.”

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