Bad Bunny Graces First Digital Cover of Playboy / Talks Being A Queer Ally

The Puerto Rican Hip Hop star graces the first ever digital cover of Playboy. He also makes history by becoming only the second male to appear solo on the cover.

In the magazine, Bad Bunny talks everything from new music, to life as a queer ally, and sex.

When discussing life as a queer ally, the rapper had this to say:

“I do all of this and I’m not even sure what I cause. It’s not until someone comes up to me and tells me, ‘Man, thank you,’ that I realize the impact.”

Of sex, Bad Bunny told the publication:

“I think that sex is a giant world, and everyone is free to see it as they want and do it with whoever they want, however they want, with infinite possibilities. In the end, we are human beings. Everybody feels, everybody falls in love with whoever they’re meant to.”

The Grammy-nominee clearly adheres to his own set of rules and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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