DJ A-Rich Top 3 Trending Stories Of The Day 6/20/2018

  1. Janet Jackson opens up about her ‘intense’ battle with depression

Janet Jackson is speaking out about her depression issues.
In a letter to Essence magazine that was shared on Good Morning America, Jackson said, “I struggled with depression. The struggle was intense. Low self-esteem might be rooted in childhood feelings of inferiority.”
Janet continued, “It could relate to failing to meet impossibly high standards. And of course there are always the societal issues of racism and sexism. Put it all together and depression is a tenacious and scary condition. Thankfully, I found my way through it.”
Jackson finds relief in her 1-year-old son. Janet said, “The height of happiness is holding my baby son in my arms and hearing him coo, or when I look into his smiling eyes and watch him respond to my tenderness. When I kiss him. When I sing him softly to sleep. During those sacred times, happiness is everywhere.”
Are you happy seeing more high profile people share their stories of depression? Has it helped you or someone you know? 

2. Canada Sets Date for Recreational Pot Legalization

You may want to book your tickets to Canada for October 17th, 2018 because that is the day recreational pot becomes legal in the country.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says marijuana will become legal in Canada on Oct. 17. 
This date will allow for the provinces, territories, municipalities, police forces, and other stakeholders to make sure their piece of the pot pie is operating in accordance with the new rules.
Are you planning on a vacation to Canada now? Is this a good thing for the US since it may be hard to justify not having it legalized in this country when Canada is operating just fine? 

3. AMC to offer $20 a month movie subscription service

If you like going to the movies and have AMC theaters in your area, this might be a happy day for you.
AMC is rolling out Stubs A-List. For $19.95 a month, you can watch 3 movies a week. You’ll be able to see movies in IMAX, Real 3D or Dolby Cinema as well.
This is in response to MoviePass which has offered one movie-a-day for $9.95 a month. AMC and MoviePass have been at odds with each other.
AMC hopes access to large format movies plus other perks will entice movie goers to sign up for the service.
Sounds like a good deal, right? Would you pay $20 a month to see up to 3 movies a week? 

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