DJ Bedz interview with U-God from Wu-Tang Clan

DJ Bedz sat down with the Wu-Tang Clan‘s U-god at the Tattered Cover Bookstore on Friday, March 16th 2018 to discuss his new book “Raw: My Journey Into The Wu”. Among the topics: How U-God’s upbringing shaped his relationship with music and society in general, the influence of KOOL G RAP on Raekwon and “Mafioso” rap in general, Cappadonna‘s brother and his unique contributions to east coast slang, how legal troubles limited his participation in 36 Chambers, which 6 crew members are featured on cover of 36 Chambers, the anatomy of a Wu-Tang studio session and the recording of Wu-Tang Forever, U-God’s romantic overtures with Kim Kardashian West & Janet Jackson, the exploits of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, his adventures skiing in Aspen, Colorado, his up-to-the-minute thoughts on the “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli and the status of Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, his pending lawsuit against RZA, the magical good candy piece of candy, and driving forces behind U-God’s selfless personality. Raw is available in book stores and online right now!

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