DJ A-RICH has been in the broadcasting industry for over 14+ years, and now going on his 14th year as an on-air personality for local radio stations here in Denver, CO, he has been able to engage listeners from the EDM world, Alternative Rock, Top 40, and now, offering his expertise on HOT 107.1, Monday-Friday 10AM-3PM.

As a professional music connoisseur, he believes being adaptable to all sounds will always lead to true success as a DJ, and most importantly, a dancing audience.

Outside from the radio station, you will find DJ A-RICH spinning sets inside of Denver’s most trendy lounges and clubs, on the road and touring internationally.  A-RICH is continuously studying his music, his surroundings, and is always striving to perfect his craft through every gig and on-air shift. He has set goals to showcase his talent all over the states, and overseas for well-renowned artists. DJ A-RICH speaks through his music and is always orchestrated with purpose.