Does Usher Or Trey Songz Have The Better Catalog?

Another quarantine quiz on social media asked if Usher or Trey Songz had the better song catalog.
Someone tweeted, “Shoot I wanna see Trey Songz vs Usher. I went down a list of their 10 most popular songs and SHEESH.”

Another Twitter user responded, “Just Gotta Make It, Trey Day, Anticipation, Ready, Pleasure Passion Pain… And you telling me Usher gonna win off Confessions?”
The back and forth continued with someone else tweeting, “Usher vs Trey? There’s no comparison here lol. Usher is the MJ of R and B, while Trey Songz is James Harden. He’s a great artist, but Usher is the Goat

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