French Montana Says He Has More ‘Hits’ Than Kendrick Lamar

French Montana took to Twitter on Tuesday to reiterate comments he previously made saying that he could go “neck to neck” with Kendrick Lamar. Montana doubled down on the comment saying that in a festival setting he “might outshine” Kendrick.
“I might outshine him… not because I’m a better rapper or whatever it is. It’s just that I got more hits. Kendrick Lamar got albums. He got masterpieces. But if you was to put us on the festival stage, I would outshine him because I have more hits than Kendrick Lamar,” said Montana during an interview with Complex.

Montana felt he needed to revisit his comment after a Twitter user asked him about going toe to toe with Tory Lanez, who he thought was a better fit than Kendrick.
“It ain’t my fault I believe in myself,” he wrote after many felt he may be feeling himself too much. Montana then initiated a possible Verzuz Instagram Live challenge tweeting, “Set it up.”

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