Gender Reveal Party Turns Fatal After Explosion Kills Iowa Woman

A second explosion happened at another gender reveal party in a nearby town.

A grandmother tragically lost her life over the weekend when a device exploded at a gender reveal party.

According to ABC affiliate KCRG, Iowa’s Marion County Sheriff’s office identified the victim as 56-year-old Pamela Kriemeyer on Monday (Oct. 28). The incident happened Saturday when Kriemeyer and four other family members including the mother to be gathered in Knoxville to share their experimental gender reveal on social media.

Police claim family members inadvertently created a pipe bomb when they welded a metal cylinder filled with gunpowder in hopes of setting it off to release the colored baby powder.

In a statement, authorities broke down how tape covering the bottom of the device caused it to denotate, with shrapnel flying and hitting Kriemeyer who was 45 feet away from the device.

“Instead of the gunpowder shooting the powder out the top of the stand, the stand exploded sending metal pieces flying. One of these metal pieces struck Pamela Kreimeyer in the head causing instant death,” it reads. “She was standing with other family members approximately 45 feet from the device. It’s believed that the projectile that struck the victim then continued another 144 yards through the air coming to rest in a field.”

Marion County Sheriff Jason Sanholdt warned the public to be mindful of mixing chemicals as well as creating devices with gunpowder and metal.

“This is a reminder that anytime someone mixes these things there is a high potential for serious injury or death; please do not take these unnecessary risks,” he said. “My condolences go out to the family.”

Sadly this wasn’t the only gender reveal explosion in Iowa. On Sunday (Oct. 27), a second explosion happened in Waukee. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Waukee police are now warning residents not to create their own gender reveal kits, and to not use explosives.

Gender reveals have increased thanks to social media where some have used simple gestures like cake fillings and balloons.

Check out the video below for safe and creative ways to throw a gender reveal party.

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