Happy Hour Menu Marathon at Sushi Katsu

Slim tries more on the menu from Sushi Katsu



To me, Sushi is just as much entertainment as it is food. When you go to a sushi restaurant you not only want fresh great tasting sushi, but you want to have a great time. You want a social atmosphere. You want an exciting presentation. Well, that’s exactly what you get at Sushi Katsu all of the time. Then, to make it even better, there’s the Sushi Katsu Happy Hour.

I like the Happy Hour at Sushi Katsu because there’s generally less of a wait than during the peak hours of lunch and dinner. Trust me, it’s worth waiting for, but not waiting for great tasting food and fun is ideal.

During happy hour at Sushi Katsu, you get Buy one get one free on Sake, Beer and Wine between 4:30 and 7 pm, Monday through Saturday. I’m not a drinker, but that’s a heck of a deal.

My Menu Marathon is going really well. I’m trying some amazing things. During my last visit, I had some unbelievably tasty appetizers that you would not expect to find, like Japanese Chicken Curry and Cheesy Corn (picture below). The Cheesy Corn is a mixture of sweet and savory. I thought it was a perfect combination while eating some sushimi. The Japanese Chicken Curry is out of this WORLD delicious! You don’t expect a curry flavor like that from a sushi place. YOU GOT TO TRY THIS!!

I also had this beautiful plate of Nigiri (see below). SO DELICIOUS!!!!!!

Remember, when you go to Sushi Katsu ask for the Flo Roll, Slim Roll and Jammin Roll on the secret menu. It will not disappoint. Stay tuned for my next Menu Marathon visit. I’m probably about 1/8th there on trying everything on the menu at this point.

Check out Sushi Katsu’s new website: CLICK HERE


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