Help the Denver Zoo Provide Aid to Animals in Australian Fires

Millions of animals rely on your generosity.

As the Australian fires rage on, affecting millions of animals (which is likely a conservative estimate when all is said and done), there is something you can do to help.

“Many of you share our deep concern over the devastating bushfires that are sweeping across Australia and taking a tremendous toll on the country’s diverse wildlife. The scale of loss is staggering and heartbreaking, with perhaps more than a billion animals killed, including many that are already threatened or endangered,” related the Denver Zoo on its Facebook page.

To provide aid, the zoo is both donating and accepting donations to go to Zoos Victoria. It will also be matching your donations, so now is the time to send even a dollar or two if you’ve been hoping to help.

“Denver Zoo is making an immediate contribution of $5,000 and matching up to $5,000 in additional donations through our Field Conservation fund to Zoos Victoria, whose animal care and health experts are on the frontlines of the wildlife rescue effort, providing critical care, food, and water to injured animals,” said the Denver Zoo Facebook page.

Zoos Victoria, a leading global zoo and member of the World Association of Zoos, will manage the fund.

Below is some of the good work that your donations could help fund.

“In this time of heartbreak, we’re feeling particularly thankful for the support of thousands of Australians and our international friends. We’ll be there alongside our wildlife making sure that as many species as possible will recover,” Zoos Victoria shared on its Facebook page.

In addition, the zoo said that it will continue to evaluate the situation and try to find other ways to assist, including possibly sending staff to Australia for hands-on aid.

You can support Australian Rescue Efforts on the Denver Zoo’s secure donation page. Any little bit helps, so even if you can just send $5, that’s money that could provide needed water and much more to affected animals.

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