‘It’s a Festivus Miracle!’: Netflix Has Officially Acquired the Rights to ‘Seinfeld’

Merry Festivus, folks!

Fans of sitcoms like The Office and Friends were more than upset to hear about Netflix losing rights to both shows. Believe us, we were very upset to hear this news. Both shows are expected to leave the streaming service at the end of 2020. But, here’s the delicious, good news! Netflix has announced that they will be streaming all 180 episodes of The Karmer Sho—I mean, Seinfeld in 2021. Everyone can take a breath now. We finally have a go-to show when those annoying coworkers recommend this brand new, trendy show they keep pushing on you.

This shouldn’t come as surprise to any Jerry Seinfeld fan. He’s partnered up with Netflix before with other shows, such as Comedians in Cars Getting CoffeeSeinfeld, like Friends and The Office, is still a big pop culture show and has a dedicated group of fans today. The titular show is often described as “the show about nothing”, and it truly is.

For those who have never experienced Kramer or Seinfeld or Elaine or George, you can check out the fan-made Wiki hereSeinfeld is really about four friends in the upper west side of Manhattan getting into the strangest and most hilarious shenanigans. Can’t wait to check out your new favorite show? Hulu currently holds the rights.

Until then, we’ll be waiting for our Petty Queen George Costanza to bless us with his deceptive behavior. What are your favorite episodes of Seinfeld?


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