It’s National Pickle Day!

If you hadn’t heard, National Pickle Day is kind of a big dill. Sit back and enjoy your favorite crunchy snack on November 14, and join your compatriots is savoring the sour goodness.

Go for broke with mouth-puckering French cornichons or nibble on some sweet bread-and-butter rounds, but whatever you do, don’t let National Pickle Day (on November 14) pass you by. When just eating pickles isn’t enough of a celebration for you, here are some other ways to mark the occasion.

1. Enjoy some pickle ASMR

Skip ahead to 2:35 if you want to dive right on in. This classic video will either delight or repulse you; either way, it makes a statement. You’re welcome.

2. Make some of your own pickles!

Believe it or not, some types of “quick pickles” are ready in just a few hours. You don’t need a fancy fermenting vessel, just a great recipe! Check out this three-day pickle recipe, from one of my favorite farm YouTubers:

3. Buy some pickle presents.

From pickle mints to pickle stickers, online vendors have you covered. You can find just about anything with a pickle theme if you look hard enough! Off the Wagon has a whole section of pickle gifts, so get ready to spend, spend, spend.

pickle candy

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4. Craft a pickle juice cocktail.

5. Fry some pickles up!

The intoxicating crunch of a fried batter pairs beautifully with delicious pickle slices. When paired with a creamy sauce, this dish is one you’ll crave. This short video is easy to follow if you want to try to make your own.

Where do you stand on pickles in general? Can’t get enough, or just take them off?

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