Joe Exotic Hired Glam Team for His Prison Release, but Pardon Never Came

Today’s Hot Mess is going to Joe Exotic from Tiger King. Joe Exotic has served 1 year of his 22 year jail sentence for attempting to hire a hitman to kill rival zookeeper Carole Baskin. Yesterday, Joe Exotic and his legal team counted their eggs before they hatched because as Trump gave his list of Presidential pardons there was a huge stretch limo waiting near the Texas prison Joe Exotic is serving his sentence in. There was a hair and makeup team waiting to glam up Joe as he left prison, Joe already made a video thanking Trump for the pardon and his legal team already had plans to take Joe to McDonald’s to get him a McRib. Well, yesterday Trump never gave Joe Exotic his pardon but his team says they’re still holding out hope since Trump is in office today until noon.


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