Lil Nas X Eyes Collaborations With Lady Gaga, Drake, Doja Cat, Travis Scott, & More

Lil Nas X rang in ‘Holiday’ season with a like-titled new single. And it looks like he has his wish-list ready for Santa.

The eclectic star was spotted handing out gift-cards in promotion for his catchy release and committed to the cause by replicating looks from the track’s lush video.

During the fun-filled spot, he was quizzed on his dream collaborations.

His response was a lengthy list that included the likes of Lady Gaga, Drake, Travis Scott, and Doja Cat. 

With the success of ‘Old Town Road’ and follow-up ‘Panini,’ as well as the welcome reception of ‘Holiday,’ Nas has installed potential. It’ll be interesting to see if this helps magnetise some of the names he’s hoping for.

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