Lupe Fiasco Offers A Public Service Announcement About Coronavirus Outbreak

Lupe Fiasco Gets Philosophical Over Coronavirus Are you having coronavirus anxiety? Maybe a message from Lupe Fiasco will calm you.  In an Instagram note to update fans about his tour dates, Fiasco wrote,

“In the midst of all of this that’s going on, just remember that the coronavirus is you. What I mean when I say this is, it doesn’t make you panic, it doesn’t drive you crazy, it doesn’t push you to do extreme things.”  He continued, “It makes you sick, but it shouldn’t drive you to panic. It shouldn’t drive you to overreact. It shouldn’t drive you to racism. It shouldn’t drive you to bullying. It shouldn’t drive you to profiteering and price-gouging and all these other things that you see. That’s human nature. That’s the nature of humanity coming out. That is the disease in us, as human beings, that never goes away.” Fiasco wrapped up his pep talk by saying, “Be disciplined. Be good and look out for each other at this point. For those who have, make sure you’re looking out for those that have-not.” Who has offered you the most calming words during all of this? 

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