Meow Wolf and Denver Zoo Teaming Up for ‘Zooscovery’ Maker Day

 “Zooscovery” Maker Day on August 8 is part of Meow Wolf’s community art outreach program.

By now, most of us here in Denver have heard of Meow Wolf, the immersive art experience that’s building a permanent installation here set to open in 2021. With a collaborative “Kaleidoscope” ride at Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park, Denverites got their first taste of what Meow Wolf plans to bring to Colorado this summer. And that’s just the beginning.

There’s another opportunity to get to know Meow Wolfe through their “Zooscovery” Maker Day event at the Denver on August 8.

Wild animal-themed stations will feature recycled and sustainable materials, masks, paper mâché, soda bottle bubble art, and more to get the creativity and ideas flowing. A collaborative group art project to create a paper mâché lion is a part of the fun, and adults and kids are encouraged to join in. The event runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., then at 6 p.m., the zoo will host a ticketed viewing party to watch Meow Wolf: Origin Story, a documentary film about the art collective and how they became what they are today.

Lions, Denver Zoo

Courtesy of the Denver Zoo (Facebook)

Tickets to the event are $50 and include light refreshments, a cash bar, a DJ, and a chance to try ChromaDepth 3-D glasses. Proceeds for the event will benefit the zoo, and tickets can be purchased at

“We are so thankful that the Zoo has welcomed Meow Wolf to Denver and invited us to provide guests with some of our meaningful programs. We share the Zoo’s commitments to curiosity, creativity, and environmental stewardship,” said Zoë Williams, Meow Wolf Denver’s director of community engagement.

The Maker Day series is part of an outreach effort from Meow Wolf to share art programming with families in and around Denver.

Meow Wolf is a collaborative project that started in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and gained support from author George R.R. Martin, who purchased and transformed an old bowling alley into the “House of Eternal Return”. Launched in 2016, the permanent immersive art installation is a mixture of art museum and funhouse where one is taken on a path through space and time through secret passages and multisensory experiences.

Meow Wolf Neon Forest

Neon Forest in “The House of Eternal Return”, courtesy of Meow Wolf Denver (Facebook)

Meow Wolf Denver will offer a completely different yet totally immersive art experience than the Santa Fe location. Denver’s installation is already under construction, and the company has plans for permanent locations in Las Vegas, Washington, D.C, and Phoenix in the next few years. Martin was recently brought on board in a different role, as he is now serving as the Chief World Builder and will use his storytelling expertise to tie together the Meow Wolfe multi-verse. Martin will tackle the task of creating a common connection between each of the experiences and stories Meow Wolf creates.

This event at the Denver Zoo looks like a fun way to get some hands-on art practice and a chance to catch one last day with the animals before school gets going.

Have you visited Meow Wolf in Santa Fe or the “Kaleidoscope” ride here in Denver?

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