Mermaid Training Classes Are a Real Thing, and You Can Find Them Right Here in Colorado

Living out your mermaid dreams can be a reality with these classes and party options.

Just because Colorado is a landlocked state, it does not mean that mermaid dreams cannot be a reality. There are a few places in the state where one can learn how to swim like a bona fide mermaid, and we have all the sparkly details.


Mermaid Parties and Classes for the Kiddos

Denver Divers offers a birthday party experience that lets your little swimmer and friends live the mermaid life for a day. “The Wands and Wishes” birthday party package runs $325 for up to eight swimmers. It includes one hour of swim time with a professional mermaid, a gift for the birthday child, a mermaid swim lesson, games, and photos. Fabric mermaid tails are available for rental for children aged seven and up who can swim independently.

The pool can be reserved for “Mermaid Parties” on a first-come, first-served basis on certain Saturdays and Sundays each month. Parties are held from 5:15–6:15 p.m. at 557 Milwaukee Street, Denver.

Little Fins Swim School in Colorado Springs has both “Mermaid Training” classes and “Mermaid Party”options. Mermaid Training classes are offered on the first Sunday and every Saturday of each month. Mermaid tails are included in the price; a four-class pass cost $120 and individual classes can be purchased for $35 each.

Classes are limited to four swimmers each and swimmers must be aged six or older. Swimmers learn the dolphin kick, monofin swimming skills, underwater acrobatic movements, synchronized swimming techniques, mermaid dances breathing techniques, and more. The Mermaid Parties run $400 for 12 participants, and include mermaid tails, pizza and cake, and of course, a professional mermaid to host all the fun.

mermaid tail

Courtesy of Pixabay

Mermaid Parties and Classes for the Grown-Ups

So, we have told you about some options for the little merpeople in your lives, but what about those of us adults who might want a chance to swim like Ariel?

Northglenn Recreation Center has just the thing, as they offer mermaid lessons for both kids and adults. These aren’t your average swim lessons either, as they require skill, technique, and a very strong core. Started a few years ago by Recreation Supervisor Sue Lawson, the center offers “Mermaid 101” for youth swimmers and “Mermaid 102” for adult participants. The classes run for 45 minutes and take place on Saturday afternoons. The registration fee of $60 for residents ($67 for nonresidents) includes a mermaid tail of your color preference.

Northglenn Recreation Center also offers a mermaid fitness class twice a week, designed to strengthen the inner core through exercises wearing a monofin. This is a great way to try out the whole mermaid thing if you are not sure you want to commit to a whole set of classes or are not ready to actually own a mermaid tail. The classes are less than $5 for a 45-minute workout that is sure to leave swimmers wanting more.

Check out the Northglenn Recreation Center website for all the details and to register for the classes.

With all that is going on in the world, it’s nice to know that just for a little while we can all take a break and live out our childhood fairy tale dreams to be a mermaid or merman—getting in shape while we do it is just an added bonus. We would not be disappointed at all if a gift certificate to mermaid school found its way to us (hint, hint). All we need now is some of that fabulous mermaid hair!

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