Michelle Obama Is Releasing A Memoir This Fall Titled ‘Becoming’

Okay, so yeah, the United States constitution prohibits a president and first lady who have served two terms from returning to the White House, which in the case of Barack and Michelle Obama really sucks. But for Michelle Obama fans who miss her terribly, there’s good news. The self-described “hugger-in-chief” took to Twitter Sunday (Feb. 25) to announce she’s working on a memoir.

Appropriately titled Becoming, her “deeply personal” literary introduction to the world will discuss how she became one of the most respected and women.

As described on her memoir’s website, Becoming, out Nov. 13, 2018, is less of a tell-all about her time inside the White House and more about pivotal moments while growing up on Chicago’s South Side, balancing life as an executive and a mother, and raising two very normal, down-to-earth daughters while inside the White House.

Michelle Obama tweeted she hopes her story inspires others to find their own voice and without having read a single chapter, we’re almost certain it will.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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