Next Monster Movie Could Be ‘Son of Kong’ Plus ‘Escape Room 2’ Coming Soon!

Escape Room 2 Now Coming In....

‘Escape Room 2’ Now Coming in July
  • The release date for Escape Room 2 has been moved up to July.
  • In the films, six people are invited to an escape room with the winner getting $10,000. Unfortunately, one by one the contestants get knocked off at different parts of the escape room.
  • Reviews for the first film weren’t that good, but that didn’t stop the film from making over $155 million worldwide.
  • Originally, the second film was supposed to be released in 2022, but now Sony has decided to move up the date to July 16.
  • Did you get a chance to catch the first Escape Room film?
Next Monster Movie Could Be ‘Son of Kong’
  • With the success of Godzilla vs Kong, movie execs are thinking to keep the Monsterverse going with another monster film.
  • Reports are swirling that the next monster flick will be titled, Son of Kong.
  • If you know your monster flicks you know that a movie of the same title was done in 1933 and it was not good.
  • In the film, the doctors and scientists return to Kong Island and find a small albino gorilla that is believed to be Kong’s son. How Kong had a son is a mysterious part that hopefully will be answered if they do the film again.
  • Would you be down for a Son of Kong movie? Have you seen the original Son of Kong?


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