Nuggets Fan Who Fought “Suns in 4” Guy Wants a Rematch

You’ve probably seen the viral video by now of the Denver Nuggets fan sucker punching the Phoenix Suns fan at Ball Arena during game 3, June 11th.

The Nuggets fan, Marty, poured a beer on Nick McKellar a Suns fan who has lived in Denver for 10 years.

Marty says Nick was talking trash about the Nuggets so he took out a wad of cash asking Nick to place a bet on the next game, then shortly after video shows Marty pouring beer on Nick.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE – You have to read this article from the Westword, I’m so glad they wrote up this story! 

Please know that not all Nuggets fans are like this! Marty isn’t giving us the best reputation right now.

In the below video Marty gives his side of the story. LANGUAGE NSFW


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