Post Malone 2018 Emergency Plane Landing Was the Result of Safety Violations, FAA Report Finds

Remember when Post Malone’s private Gulfstream IV jet blew two tires on take-off on its way to London back in August and the “Wow” rapper thanked fans for their support after the harrowing incident that found him circling an airport in upstate New York for hours? Well, according to a copy of a report from the Federal Aviation Administration on the incident shared with Billboard — first reported by TMZ — the FAA found that the company that chartered the jet ignored a number of safety procedures and that the plane was well overloaded with passengers and baggage.

In the report that listed the aircraft damage as “substantial,” the plane carrying 12 passengers, two pilots and one crew member was forced to make an emergency landing at Stewart Airport due to the failure of “both left hand main tires.” Shortly after its departure from Teterboro Airport the flight crew was alerted that a service door was open and turned the plane around to check the issue, according to the report. A crew member inspected the tail access service door and re-secured it, at which point a ramp agent told the crew member that they smelled “something strange coming from the aircraft,” which the crewmember said was possibly the plane’s brakes.

Less than a half-hour later, the plane taxied out for departure again, during which the tires blew and the pilots opted to continue with the takeoff. The crew did a low fly-by and asked the Teterboro tower to check the condition of the tires, which they confirmed were blown, at which point the crew decided to make an emergency landing at Stewart International Aiport. After a few hours of flying around to burn fuel, the plane landed “without incident.”

Among the FAA’s findings: “The aircraft exceeded its maximum gross take off weight and maximum gross landing weight,” the flight crew did not comply with manufacturer procedures for “wheel brake cooling times after an overweight landing” and a review of maintenance records revealed that the plane had “multiple” required maintenance and inspection items that were more than 50 hours overdue at flight time. The tire failure resulted in “substantial” damage to the landing gear and wheel well, as well as the left side of the plane’s fuselage.

A spokesperson for Malone had no comment at press time.

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