Redman Releases The Hilarious Video For “Smack Tha Sh!t Outcha” Single

The one thing you can count on in hip-hop is that rap legend and supreme lyricist, Reggie “Redman” Noble will always deliver the rugged and raw with a side of humor. That is a welcomed wave of balance in these times of extra thugness by rappers that are hardly as hard as they claim. Red though? I bet he would really “Smack Tha Sh!t Outcha” like the video title for his newest single. The slow flow funk track compliments Red’s comedic side as he presents situations he might find himself in like, “Women always throwing hints when they rent due/and I throw a hint right back, ‘What the fu@k you gon’ do?’ Go get your money you brought ya wig outta/Before I pay ya rent I’ll smack the sh!t outcha…”

The second track of his just released three song EP titled, 3 Joints (get it? Redman…weed lover…joints…yeah) is sandwiched between, “Its a Banguh” and “Zugga” with the former an uptempo reworked beat version of his and partner Method Man’s hit “Da Rockwilder.” The latter is a bongo based neck breaker with punchlines galore.

Video wise, this one is a continuous scene of Red putting the smack down Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson style on anyone in his path. He’s an equal opportunity palm and back hand slapper as well, from little people to Grandparents can get some five fingers to the face action.  Mr. Noble also played double duty in this video as he took on the director’s title for the Riveting Entertainment production. He recently did a career spanning interview with yours truly on the new show “The Real Ones.” Check it out below.

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