Say Hello to Eleanor, the Newest Lesser Kudu Baby at the Denver Zoo

Hello, Eleanor!

Watch out, Tatu, there’s a new, cute baby that’s in the running for the cutest animal at the Denver Zoo! In late October, the zoo welcomed a new addition to its lesser kudu family, Eleanor.

Eleanor was born to mom, Moscato, and dad, Joe. She also joins big sister Winifred, who was born in February of this year (and was one of the most adorable little things we’ve ever seen).

According to the zoo, Eleanor and family are healthy, but they realized that the little one was not nursing well and needed a little help.

“Though mom, Moscato, showed great maternal instincts, our animal care staff determined that Eleanor wasn’t nursing and they stepped in to assist rear her through bottle feedings,” said the Denver Zoo Facebook page. Check out one of her feeding sessions and kudu zoomies in the video below!

Near-threatened in the wild, lesser kudu can be found in grassy, semi-arid areas of northeastern Africa, in particular, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and more. It has already gone extinct in Djibouti. These animals love to feed on foliage from bushes and trees, as well as herbs. In the wild, the lesser kudu is mainly active at night and during the dawn, and it seeks shelter in dense thickets just after the sunrise.

While Eleanor will be fed via bottle, she will still spend the majority of her time with her family and doing the things that lesser kudus do.

“Because our lesser kudu herd is so easy going, Eleanor will be able to live with the herd and learn natural kudu behaviors while getting the nutrition she needs from her caretakers,” said the zoo.

You can see Eleanor hanging out with Moscato, Joe, aunt Elsa, and Winifred in her Central Ranges habitat down by Toyota Elephant Passage!

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