Select AMC Theaters Offering $4 Kids Movies+Snacks

AMC’s Summer Movie Camp deal offers affordable fun starting June 5.

Summer is just around the corner! That means school’s is about to be out and you have to figure out activities to keep your kids from jumping off the walls this summer.  Whether you are young or just young at heart, select AMC theaters across the nation have an offer you can’t refuse!

On Wednesday mornings starting June 5, you can get a ticket for a kid-friendly movie plus a KidsPack snack (popcorn, drink, and snack) for just $4 plus tax! It’s an affordable way to take kids, friends, and family to the movies.

Of course, the movies that are on the schedule aren’t the new-release blockbusters, but there are several recently released movies set for screening to keep everyone entertained. All movies are rated PG, making them appropriate for most ages. Movies like TrollsThe Lego Movie 2, Hotel Transylvania 3, Smallfoot, and more will be shown. You can’t buy tickets in advance, but they are available at the box office of participating theaters.

It also appears that there is no age limit for this deal (though it’s best to check with your theater). So, if you want to attend with your child, or you just really like one of the movies on the list, you can take advantage of the offer.

The only downside of the deal is that it is only offered at select theaters in each state. You can see if your local theater is participating on the AMC website. If you are traveling with kids, definitely check the location you will be visiting to see if the deal can be added to your itinerary!

This deal runs June 5 to August 10. You can get more information about the promotion on AMC’s Summer Movie Camp webpage, including the movie schedule, participating theaters, and other details.

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