Starbucks Is Now Offering Delivery in Denver

Delivery in Denver part of the plan to expand the service across the United States.

You might want to sit down for this, because it’s going to change your life.

Starbucks changed the coffee scene in Denver last week when they debuted their expansion of the Starbucks Delivers Service. Denver is one of five new cities in the U.S market that the coffee giant is offering its delivery services in—including Atlanta, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Phoenix.

A partnership with Uber Eats was launched as a pilot in 2018 and previously served 11 U.S locations. This announcement takes the total number to 16, Starbucks plans to make the service available nationwide sometime in 2020.

Starbucks is offering most of its menu, about 95 percent, on the app and you can customize drinks just like in the store and drive-thru. This makes a snow day so much better because we can now have that sugary goodness without braving the ice and slush; perfect timing as winter weather has made its mark already this year and we are set for more.

“The expansion of Starbucks Delivers is part of our continuous effort to enhance the retail experience and provide customers another convenient option to enjoy Starbucks wherever they are.”   .Roz Brewer, group president, and chief operating officer for Starbucks.

There will be some added fees for orders; the usual Uber Eats charge of $4.49, with 15 percent of the total order added in before taxes. A $2 fee will apply to orders under $10, which means we will be forced to add cookies or chocolate croissants to every order (not that we’re complaining).

The new development and plans to roll out the service across the country also may lead to more “Ghost Kitchens”, a concept that Starbucks launched in China this past July. Dubbed a “Starbucks Now” store, the pickup-only kitchens are designed to produce for the mobile and delivery market, and one of these stores is set to open soon in Manhattan.

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