Sushi is the Food of Love

Sushi Katsu Valentine's Day


The big day of LOVE is right around the corner. You’re probably scrambling around trying to think of the best way to show that special someone how much you love them. Well, I’ve been considered the Casanova of Colorado, so I’m going to give you some solid V-Day advice. I’ve compiled 5 reasons why Sushi should be considered the most romantic of all food choices.

  1. Sushi is an adventure: Anyone who has ever loved will know that love is a great adventure. It’s full of expectation, mystery, and excitement. Sushi is very similar. I’ve been on a Menu Marathon with Sushi Katsu and I’m constantly discovering new things that I love, just like a relationship.
  2. Sushi is creative and colorful: Just like love, sushi is a colorful and artistic presentation. It’s attractive. Just looking at it makes you want to devour it. I have always said that sushi is an artwork that is just as much about the presentation as it is about the taste.  That’s a lot like love, isn’t it?
  3. Sushi is FUN!!: Eating sushi is a blast. It’s a social food that almost makes it impossible to eat without sparking fun conversation. The atmosphere of Sushi Katsu is so energetic. Every time I’m there I feel rejuvenated and it’s just a fun place to converse with friends and loved ones. That’s obviously why I think it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day spot.
  4. Sushi is light and healthy: I love eating Sushi because it doesn’t produce the comatose factor that comes along with eating other foods. After eating sushi I feel energized, which is perfect for dating. You don’t want to be all sluggish after dinner. You want to keep the night going!
  5. Sushi is whatever you want it to be, just like love: Love and sushi are both so dynamic. Sushi can be elegant at times and it can be playful at times. Sushi can be spicy or it can be sweet. There’s just something about sitting across from that person you love with a pair of chopsticks and sharing something that was created just for the two of you. It’s upscale, but also down-to-earth.

So, do you agree? Is sushi the best LOVE FOOD? I think so. I also think that Sushi Katsu is the best place to deliver on all of these elements on Valentine’s Day. Plus, in addition to the great food, Sushi Katsu is giving free champagne to all couple on Valentine’s Day.




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