The First Consult at Mark’s Diamonds

This ring shopping adventure is off to the races. As you know, I was recommended to check out Mark’s Diamonds by a friend. I went to their website and was blown away by what I saw online. So, I took the next step and scheduled an appointment with them. I talked to Bobby, who I found out is the owner Mark’s, son-in-law. He was awesome. He was very excited to hear that I was planning to pop the question and congratulated me before we even talked about scheduling the appointment.

I decided to take Sharon with me to the appointment, because I want her to absolutely love the ring that she’ll be wearing on her finger for the rest of, well, my life. Mark’s Diamonds is located on the 5th floor of the ANB bank building in Cherry Creek North. I almost can’t begin to put into words the environment at Mark’s Diamonds. It felt like I was in a place that a famous athlete or actor would shop for custom jewelry. There are cases of jaw-dropping jewelry, the walls are adorned with pictures of John Elway’s wedding, Broncos Jersey’s and other happy couples. Just as I started thinking, “am I in the right place?”, I was greeted by the most genuine and down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. Mark Hadley and his Wife Nataliya were both there and they made Sharon and I feel so welcomed. Before we even sat down, they wanted to hear about our wonderful relationship and they congratulated us on our decision to get married. Mark told me that this is more than anything about the “gift” aspect of the proposal. He wanted to make sure that we found something wonderful that fit exactly within my budget and held to the expectations of Sharon. It’s crazy because they literally have items for millions of dollars down to my budget 🙂

I couldn’t stop looking at the smile on Sharon’s face. It felt so good to take her to a place that made us feel so special. Sharon explained to Mark the type of ring, diamond, and settings that she liked. Ultimately, I’ll be picking out the final ring, but her suggestions will obviously help tremendously. I just want her to be surprised and to LOVE IT…AND ME.


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