The Hilarious Reason Wendy’s is Bringing Back Spicy Nuggets

A lot of Wendy’s customers were bummed when the fast-food chain stopped selling their spicy nuggets back in 2017.  But thanks to a tweet sent out by artist Chance The Rapper this past May, Wendy’s has announced that the Nuggets will return to their menu. Wendy’s went looking for two million Tweets from fans after Chance The Rapper posted back in May “Positive affirmations for today; I WILL have a good day, I WILL succeed today; Wendy’s WILL bring back spicy nuggets at some point… please please Lord let it be today.”  Wendy’s got their 2 million retweets in less than 48 hours and announced that the spicy nuggets would return soon.  Well, Monday, the company posted to Twitter “the stars have aligned with the date “8/19/19” for a spicy return to glory.

The tweet that started it all from Chance The Rapper

Wendy’s reply

The latest tweet

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