The Holidays

I know a lot of you and my family and friends are on the edge of your seats. Thinking to your self when is he going to propose. Well, stay tune keep following my proposal story. And I got to be honest as I get closer to popping the question I’m getting so nervous but I keep being reminded that it’s going to be OK and luckily I have the help from Mark’s Diamonds and you can too.

The holidays are here its a joyful time of the year your families around and maybe some as a father figure in her life for the hand in marriage. I’m very grateful to get the blessing from Sharon’s dad, unfortunately, we lost him earlier this year.

Start shopping now for the perfect engagement ring at And if you’re like me going is super clueless it’s okay don’t feel discouraged because Mark’s Diamonds will take good care of you. They have an inside custom designer  Mark Hadley who is the owner he has a special gift when it comes to engagement rings. And listen you don’t have to just take my word for it you could Google them they have a five-star rating that has nothing but great reviews.  Schedule your appointment now at For my special pricing just let them know that A Rich sent you.

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Asking for the hand in Marriage can be a nerve-racking thing.


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