The Hottest Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Are Coming

The Hottest Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Are Coming

If Flamin’ Hot Cheetos aren’t hot enough for you, get ready to set your mouth on fire.
Cheetos is releasing Flamin’ Hot Pepper Puffs.
They are supposed to be Frito Lay’s species Flamin’ Hot chip ever.
The snack is only available at Walmart and Circle K locations for a limited time.
What is your favorite spicy snack?

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@Cheetos flamin hot pepper puffs. I posted about these coming out back in March I believe and they finally started hitting shelves! They state that they are the hottest ever! Which I’m pretty sure they mean by the hottest Cheetos not the hottest chips ever lol. These were send to me by @thejunkgoat who was the first to find them so thank you, cause they still haven’t made it to my area. SWIPE to see the little pepper puff! These are actually shaped like a pepper and you can actually tell lol, they are SO cute 😍 they have the same texture as the flamin hot puffs but definitely ARE hotter. I eat spicy food and cover my food in hot sauce daily, and these are definitely the hottest Cheetos. Even hotter then the extra hot which I don’t find that hot lol. These definitely made my acid reflux burn right away lmao. So they’re doing their job 😂 these are so damn cute! Not @Cheetos can you please bring back the twist puffs! I used to eat those all the time before I even moved to the US and I miss them 😩they also have been found @walmart . . . Tag a friend Turn notifications on . . . . #cheetos #cheetospuffs #cheetospopcorn #cheetospepperpuffs #spicy #spicyfood #chips #snacks #junkfood #instafood #foodpic #foodie #candy #sugar #cantstandtheheat #yum #delish #nomnom #iifym #flexibledieting #fitfam #foodbeast #forkyeah #foodphotography #likeforlikes #quarantine #walmart #crisps #foodforthought #hottestpepper

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