The SW Alliance Weekly Wrap-Up

The week culminated with DJ Ktone's birthday and Young Doe introducing Stunna Bam

It was a busy week for the Denver Southwest Alliance DJs (SWA).  We were able to connect the city with multiple artists including So Candy, SB SurfsUp, Shannon Clay, Zeus Rebel Waters and Anthony Danza, while also showcasing Denver talent like Colorado Myrical and Nay Renee. Look below for footage from this weekend.

Special guest DJs DJ Qball (Chicago) and DJ Benz (Arizona) are Pictured with DJ DeeSmooth, DJ Jluv and DJ Blasian.

Young Doe Jump on the call to Introduce Stunna Bam –

Now usually the featured artist jumped on the call introduces themselves to most of the DJs the first time and gives a short intro. This week Denver Rap legend Young Doe, personally jumped on to introduce and comment on Stunna Bam’s authenticity and work ethic. A huge stamp of approval in this region to the organic fans. Click Here to See the Footage

Videos recently featured on the call –

Listeners can connect to the SWA @SWAllianceMusic

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