Top 3 Trending Stories Of The Day With DJ A Rich 2/22/2018

1. Chris Tucker confirms ‘Rush Hour 4’

It’s been talked about for years but now it’s confirmed from Chris Tucker. There will be a Rush Hour 4.
On a podcast, Tucker simply said, “It’s happening.”

Tucker continued, “This is going to be the rush of all rushes. Jackie Chan is ready and we want to do this so that people don’t ever forget it.”

Chan teased the sequel last fall saying it was up to Tucker to sign on. 
The last Rush Hour movie came out in 2007.
Will you see a fourth Rush Hour? 


2. First Lady of Hip-Hop Gets Netflix Biopic

Hip-Hop heads will be excited about the newest release from Netflix. A trailer for a biopic called “Roxanne’s Revenge” about 80’s rapper and first lady of Hip-Hop, Roxanne Shante is set to come to NetFlix.

The biopic stars Nia Long, Mahershala Ali and fresh face Chanté Adams. The story of the chronicle Shante’s early life as the rising first lady to have a rap record.

Roxanne was 14-years-old when she recorded “Roxanne’s Revenge” after learning about a rival rap crew who took shots at her because she wouldn’t give them no play. Roxanne’s revenge on the record made her forever a Hip-Hop icon.

“Roxanne’s Revenge” is written and directed by Michael Larnell and produced by Pharrell Williams and Forest Whitaker.

Which Hip-Hop icon’s biopic would you want to see?


3. Bow Wow is back with “Yeaahh”

The #BowWowChallenge aside, it seems like Bow Wow has been laying low for a bit. He’s back with new music.
Bow Wow teased the track for a few weeks. Yeaahh has been released for us to hear.
The club banger even makes reference to the infamous Bow Wow Challenge by saying he truly has a “jet on the runway.”
A new Bow Wow album is in the works although no word had been given about an official release.
Check out the track. What do you think? 

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