Top 3 Trending Stories Of The Day With DJ A Rich 2/5/2018

 1. Kanye Shocks Fans with New Sneakers 

Kanye West has a new sneaker in the works and it’s not with his previous partner, Adidas.
The shoe which bares no resemblance to former Adidas creations was featured on Twitter via Yeezy Mafia and does have a similar look to the Crep Boots West recently created.

The sneaker features a low cut, heavily textured suede upper, and crepe sole and will retail for $400. No launch date has been announced.
Question: Will You Save Your Coins For Yeezy’s New Sneakers?

2. Beyoncé releases Valentine’s Day merchandise

Is the person you love obsessed with Beyoncé? Good, because Beyoncé knows you want to buy nice things for them on Valentine’s Day.
Beyoncé has released a new series of t-shirts and hoodies on her website.

Some of the offerings includes t-shirts that say “All Night” from her Lemonade collection and “Fulfill My Fantasies” from her song Baby Boy. There’s also Bootylicious booty shorts.
The merch will run you from $30 to $60 bucks.
Do you know someone who would want some of this stuff?


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