Top 3 Trending Stories Of The Day With DJ A Rich 3/14/2018

  1. Is Jennifer Lopez Launching a Makeup Line?
Signs could be pointing towards Jennifer Lopez launching her own makeup line. Do you want that “J. Lo glow”?
Lopez is launching her own bronzer. Makeup artist Scott Barnes recently shared the news. 
Barnes is J. Lo’s makeup artist. In the comments section of his Instagram page, people were asking what Lopez had on her face that made it so beautiful. That is when he shared that she had her own bronzer.
No other details were shared on when she would be releasing this bronzer to the public.


2. Tupac Released “Me Against the World” 23 Years Ago Today

 Twenty three years ago today the world of hip hop was changed with the release of Tupac’s “Me Against The World” album. 
The album wa done shortly after he’d been shot in New York and was released while Pac was in prison.
The album debuted at number one on the Billboard charts and gave us classics like “Dear Mama” and “So Many Tears.” 
What were your favorites from Pac’s “Me Against the World” album? 


3. Bought A Snuggie? You Might Be In For A Refund Check

Remember the Snuggie craze about a decade ago? Did you buy one of the not-quite-a-robe, not-quite-a-blanket or some other As Seen On TV product? You might be entitled to a refund check.
Allstar Marketing Group has agreed to pay more than $7.2 million to consumers after being sued by the Federal Trade Commission over alleged false advertising related to their “buy one, get one free” deals.
The FTC says the group did not disclose the extra fees associated with the offers.
Checks to 218,000 consumers, which could total around $33, will be mailed out this week.
What are some of the most ridiculous As Seen On TV products?

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