Top 3 Trending Stories Of The Day With DJ A Rich 5/29/2018

  1. PUSHA-T Respects Drake’s Hits But He’s “Dealing In Truths”
    In a recent interview with VULTURE, Pusha-T says that he is ready for whatever comes with the controversial lyrics that he spits on Infrared. When asked if he was bothered about people thinking that he’s reaching by continuing the call Drake out, Pusha-T responded with, “If you’re gonna question me, now I have to question authenticity, and what I feel it is that you claim.”
    Pusha-T continued by saying, “I have to question the authenticity of it when you get into the idea of skill set and what you do, off of what I’ve heard publicly. I’m not reaching for this, this is not my — this is out there, this is public knowledge.”
    When asked if he was ready for the repercussions that come with the diss, Pusha said, “I’m ready for everything that comes with it. Everything. And we gonna deal in truths…My truth was questioned, and I’m gonna deal in truths all Summer long.”
    What do you think of Pusha’s response, should artists be expected to be authentic in their rhymes?

2. Cardi B Comes Through With New “I Like It” Video Featuring J Balvin and Bad Bunn

Cardi B may be pregnant but that hasn’t stopped her hustle, or her dropping the song of the Summer. 
“I Like It” featuring J. Blavin and Bad Bunny takes Cardi back to her Carribean roots as she dances (with a small baby bump) in a colorful yellow, red and pink dresses as you get glimpses of an island party. 
The song is the second video that has been dropped by Cardi from her debut album “Invasion of Privacy”, last week Cardi dropped “Be Careful”.
What song should Cardi drop a video for next?


3.  Gucci Mane Says New Album Is Coming Soon

Gucci Mane fans, where you at? It’s finally time for some new music!
Last year, the rapper released 3 projects, but this year, we’re about 6 months deep into 2018 and still nothing. The last project Gucci Mane released was ‘El Gato’, and shortly after, he announced a new album ‘Evil Genius’.
It’s almost June and we still haven’t heard much about ‘Evil Genius’ and we definitely don’t have a release date. BUT yesterday Gucci Mane posted a video on his Instagram with the caption, “#EvilGenius coming soon.”
Speculators aren’t sure what “coming soon” means, but they’re hoping that it’s released in June.
Do you think it will be worth the wait? Did you like last year’s Gucci Mane projects? 

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