Trick Daddy Arrested In Miami For DUI, Cocaine Possession

The 45-year-old rapper was reportedly found asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle. 

Trick Daddy was arrested in Miami on Saturday (Jan. 11) for DUI and drug possession. The Love & Hip Hop: Miami star was reportedly driving erratically and “appeared” sleep behind the wheel of a dark-colored Range Rover when an officer approached the vehicle, the Miami Herald reports.

The Miami-Dade police officers were responding to a 911 call about a driver hitting signs and running red lights, the Herald reports.

The 45-year-old rapper, whose birth name is Maurice Samuel Young, admitted to having a handful of drinks at a nightclub in Miami Gardens. According to TMZ, Trick’s eyes were bloodshot red, his speech was slurred, and he failed a field sobriety test.

He was initially taken into custody for driving under the influence but was also charged with possession after a authorities reportedly found a dollar bill on him that had cocaine residue inside.

Trick’s bond is set at $6,000.

Trick was previously arrested for cocaine possession in Miami in 2014. The following year, Trick admitted to The Breakfast Club that he smokes weed laced with cocaine to treat his lupus. “When I smoke weed and coke, the worst thing that’s gonna happen to me is I’mma go to sleep or eat,” he said. “If I take Lupus medicine, I gotta take a pill for this pill, a pill for that pill… then I gotta go back to the doctor every Thursday and give them my money.”

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