Video: Cop Writes Revenge Ticket After He’s Called Out for Not Wearing a Mask

Today’s Hot Mess Karen is going to a cop in Canada who wrote a revenge ticket.
A driver was pulled over by this cop for not moving over a lane to get further away from a stopped emergency vehicle.
The driver and the passenger were wearing masks but the police officer was not. When the female passenger called him out for it the cop got his ego hurt and said he didn’t need to wear a mask because he was 6 feet away, which he is not because he’s up against the driver’s side window. The Winnipeg Police Service says the cop has been spoken to by his commanding officer about his conduct and the matter has been “dealt with.”, but they didn’t say how. It is protocol for cops to wear face masks during interactions with the public.
Hopefully they rescind the ticket since it was given as part of this officer’s power trip.

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