Video: Dog Saves Other Dog from Drowning in Swimming Pool

Byron and his wife Melissa came home recently and noticed that their 13 year old Pomeranian dog, Chucky was covered in water. They were a little confused but didn’t think much of it, they thought well maybe he dipped his head into his water bowl. The couple does have a swimming pool in their backyard but they say the dogs know not to go near the pool, but they decided to check the security cameras anyway. That’s when they were shocked to see that their little Pomeranian was walking by the edge of the pool and wasn’t looking and fell in. The little dog was struggling to swim and couldn’t get out. That’s when their other dog, a 7 year old bull terrier went over and rescued the Pomeranian. It took the dog almost 30 minutes to get the dog out but finally she was able to grab the dog with her teeth and put her on the dogs back and get her out. The couple says they are now getting a pool cover.

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