Video: Ellen Weighs in on Which Cartoon Characters Are Gay

Ellen, as the “nation’s leading expert on gay” has given her opinion on which cartoon characters she think are gay or not.

People online are once again debating whether Velma is a lesbian,” Ellen said. “So here are my thoughts. First of all, she’s a cartoon character so no one should really care about her sexuality. Secondly, just ’cause she wears those clothes and has short hair doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian.”

“And third, obviously, she’s a lesbian,” she added. “Come on. Velma, she’s on our team….She has short hair. She has thick glasses. She solves mysteries. She’s basically the Rachel Maddow of cartoons.”

She then decided to highlight other cartoon characters, beginning with Snoopy’s Peppermint Patty. “Let’s look at the evidence here. She wears Birkenstocks. Her name is Patty. Her best friend calls her Sir, which is short for Sir-iously gay,”



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