Video: Man Refuses to Wear Mask Under His Face Shield, Gets Kicked Off Flight

Language NSFW!!!!

Today’s Hot Mess Karen goes to a 52 year old man named Rio Honaker. Yesterday, Rio boarded an Allegiant flight from Arizona to Utah wearing a face shield.
A flight attendant asked Rio to wear a face mask because according to Allegiant policy you can wear a face shield but it must be worn in addition to a face covering, but not as an alternative.
The man sitting in front of Rio then started yelling at him to follow the rules. That’s when the two men got into a physical altercation.
A gate supervisor came to remove Rio, the man wearing a face shield who then elbowed the man in front of him and said he was the reason why he had to leave. Well, no you are being removed because you’re refusing to wear a mask.

An officer cited Honaker with one count of disorderly conduct.

Watch: Man escorted off plane after fight over masks

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