Video: Maskless Women at Whole Foods Refuse to Believe They Shoplifted

For today’s Hot Mess we go to a Whole Foods in Irvine, California. Three maskless women went inside Whole Foods and were asked to leave because they weren’t following store policy by wearing a mask. The women decided they were going to take the items they wanted anyway so they left some cash on the counter scooped up their items and left the Whole Foods. Cops were called because the items were never scanned which means they technically shoplifted. Here’s the thing when the cops arrived these women went off on the cops flaunting their privilege because the cops were so patient and calm with them. Here’s just a clip from the video where the Whole Foods employee is trying to give them their money back and these Karen’s are throwing a fit insisting they are right and then they try to walk away. Finally out of frustration the employee decided to let it go. It is so maddening and frustrating that these women acted so high and mighty and flexed their privilege.

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