Video: Restaurant Owner Yells at Twerking Women Says It’s Not Classy

The internet is divided on what happened in a restaurant where some ladies were twerking during their meal and the restaurant was not happy. Some are calling him a Karen and some are taking his side. Here’s what happened.
Kevin Kelly, a black restaurant owner went off on a section of mostly Black women after some of them got up and danced on their chairs and some were twerking. The owner then loudly told all the diners that that type of behavior would not fly in his restaurant. Since the video has been floating around the internet the owner says it’s not twerking that he has a problem with but that there is a time and place for everything. Now, I do have to say I agree there’s a time and place for everything if I’m at brunch with family I don’t think I want to see anyone twerking but if I’m a restaurant that likes a club and saw people twerking I’d probably cheers them with my mimosa. What do you think?





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