Video: Two Young Women Dress Up as Senior Citizens to Get Covid-19 Vaccine

Two young women disguised as senior citizens may have gotten their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in Florida, last week.
one woman is 34 the other is 44.

The two were busted when they tried getting their second shot according to Dr. Raul Pino with the Florida Department of Health in the county. He said they don’t know how they were able to get away with it the first time.

When the women arrived, they presented valid vaccination cards, but workers reportedly found discrepancies with their IDs and driver’s licenses. On top of that, vaccinators thought the pair “looked funny” and stopped them before they got their shots, according to reporters.

An investigation is underway to see if they did get the first dose, identifying loopholes in the systems and details of the incident.

A little funny yes, it seems like something out of a movie but remember they’re taking the spots of an actual elderly person who needs their vaccine.

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