Video: Woman Confronts Man Taking Pictures of Her at the Airport

A TikToker noticed a man taking photos of her and her friend without their permission at the airport and she’s getting praise for confronting him. @Bailzherb asked to see this man’s camera roll and at first he said , “no, that’s ok” she continued to insist he show her his camera roll, he then claimed his camera was broken. Finally, he reveals he took 5 photos of the girls as they demand he delete them from his photos and deleted album. As he’s fumbling with his phone the girls tell him, “it’s really weird to take pictures of females in public without their permission so you should never do that again.”


I know some people won’t understand why we are so upset/mad but this happens WAY too often and it’s violating and creepy.

♬ original sound – Bailzherb

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