Video: Woman Threatens Her Boyfriend’s Family Dog When They Change WiFi Password

A woman crazily threatened to kill her boyfriend’s family’s dog after they changed their WiFi password and refused to give her the new one.

Today’s Hot Mess Karen is a lady who lives in a basement apartment in New York. Well apparently the family that lives in the house changed their wifi password and that is when this woman who is dating the family’s son  went to the front door and confronted her boyfriend’s sister. The sister wouldn’t open the front door and give this woman the wifi password so the woman started ranting that it was illegal for them to change their own wifi password and then threatened to kill the family dog who was also looking at her through the glass.

Karen says she’s going to poison the dog, claiming it’s “not against the law” because it’s “not a human being.”

Reportedly the family has tried to evict the woman and their son before but because of the pandemic they haven’t been able to. The parents who live upstairs rented the apartment out to their son for $800 a month, he was living by himself at first and then moved in his girlfriend.


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