WATCH: Ellen Scare the Panini Out of Lil Nas X With a Billy Ray Impersonator

He may be kind of new to the game, but during his first sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres on Monday, Lil Nas X was on to the prank-loving daytime talker. In the midst of a sober conversation about his process of coming out to his family and dating status, Lil Nas paused for a second to make Ellen promise that there wasn’t anyone hiding in the mysteriously large box between them.

“Hold on, nobody’s in this box, no?” a nervous Nas asked Ellen after she probed about what inspired him to come out online. “No… no,” Ellen assured him not very convincingly. He asked her to repeat the question and then it happened. Lil Nas was shocked right out of his “Panini” space suit by an impersonator of the very cowboy that brought him to the rodeo.

Check out the hilarious video below (beginning at the 2:00 mark).

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