What is Candy Corn…and why do we hate it?

Ok...maybe I'm the only one who hates them.

What is Candy Corn?  Why is it so terrible?  There was probably nothing that pissed me off more as a child at Halloween than Candy Corn.  And then somehow it sticks around like leftovers til Thanksgiving.  People say its your grandmother’s favorite.  NO WAY!  My grandma spits that crap out.  But what is Candy Corn.  Well it has Gelatin in it.  So its not Vegan.  Yup, Candy Corn has some animal in it.  Which one?  I have no clue, I didnt bother to ask.  But it makes it Chewy.  Yummy!  And there is a lot of sugar, and corn syrup, dextrose, honey, some salt and other stuff.  Similar to Sour Patch Kids, but those don’t taste like crap.


not actual Lac Bug (but nasty)

Another product called confectioners glaze (Shellas) gives it its crunchy outside coating.  Shellac is used in the glaze and is a resin excreted by certain female Asian beetles known as Lac bugs after they have feasted on tree bark.  But dont worry, think of it like honey.


Anyways…..if you really want to be cruel this Halloween, pass out Candy Corn, but if kids kick your pumpkins….this is why.

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