What is gua sha?

It’s all over TikTok: gua sha.

In videos that are surging in popularity, people are seen gliding a smooth, stone tool across their faces and then relishing in the outcome. The effects show a range of results, from decreased puffiness to newly chiseled features.

What is gua sha, and why is it on the rise now?

Gua sha: a skincare and wellness technique that originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Gua sha was initially practiced on the body, it was first used to help with an assortment of ailments, from pain to early onsets of fever and illness.

“‘Gua’ just means scraping and ‘sha’ just means the kind of the redness… that forms”

Improved circulation creates visible changes including but not limited to reduced puffiness, smoother complexion, softened lines, reduced sagging, sculpted and lifted appearance.” Many of the benefits are immediate, making it an ideal DIY technique for jaw pain (like TMJ), headaches, seasonal allergies and sinus congestion,” she explains.

For the best results,  consistency is key.

To Gua Sha or Not to Gua Sha…that’s up to you.


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