When The S–t Goes Down: It Appears Iggy Azalea And Her Label Have Parted Ways

Iggy Azalea alludes to a separation with her label, Island Records.

Iggy has had an extremely difficult trail following her rise to stardom. The “Mo Bounce” rapper tried putting outDigital Distortion when she was attached with Def Jam, but due to creative differences it was never released.

“So that’s that,” Iggy said at the time. She took aim at ex Def Jam boss Steve Bartels. “I’m very unhappy with the way things have been handled too. I will make sure it’s not this way for ia3… I can assure you guys of that.”

Iggy moved to Island Records and started over. She concocted Survive The Summer, which was also met with friction and took longer than expected to debut. It didn’t perform to the level Island hoped for.

Leading up to the release, Iggy remained candid about promo – she told fans on Twitter to not expect much because “people don’t f–k with me like that.

She was also forced to cancel her tour.

And things take another turn… it appears Iggy has now parted ways with Island.

She Tweeted followers about plans to possibly release a mixtape “now that I can do whatever the f–k I want.”

Iggy never confirmed that’s what this meant – but reading between the lines it’s pretty obvious Iggy and Island are parting / have parted ways.

In now-deleted Tweets, Iggy explained she wants to be independent.

“I love Island, but don’t want a label,” she said. “There are conversations happening at the moment. I want to be my own boss. I feel I would be better off if I could make my own timeline etc choices and I have the funds to do it.”

She added: “It’s just a conversation I don’t know if I will be able to actually make it happen or not. I would still be happy with Island they are good people too… just feel it would be better for me as a business to have the control when I’m confident I can run it well alone.”

Justice for Iggy, man. She’s super talented, but found herself in a precarious position in the ever-changing, often volatile music landscape. The numbers just don’t add up.

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